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Website Sections

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This is a section for you to provide some details or short biography about you and your future spouse.

A section for you to share your love story!
Some ideas would be "When did you two meet?", "How did you two meet?", "When did you get engaged". You can see an example at mukmeenmaisarah.com (Our Story section).

Dates, locations (both sides if you want to include both of them).
If you can send photos of your wedding cards that would be really helpful! See mukmeenmaisarah.com (Events section) as an example.

This section is for you to include some pictures of you and your future spouse.
It can be any picture that you want but we would suggest pictures of your engagement day, family members etc. 8-12 pictures is a reasonable number to put in this section but it's totally up to you!
Upload your photos to the google drive folder.

So that you know who's coming!
The RSVPs will go directly to your preferred email and would be easily being exported to a spreadsheet.