7 Reasons Why You'll LOVE Having A Wedding Website (Wedsite)


It's modern

We're in 2018! We live in a modern world where everything is online. It makes our life easier. Experience the modern way of celebrating your big day by having a beautiful wedsite.


An appealing way to announce your big day

Wedding cards are nice. But what you can show to people is limited to what you can put on the cards. On the contrary, having a wedsite, you are limitless. The only limit is your imagination. Make your wedding unique.


Better way to manage your guest list

Managing wedding guest list can be a nightmare. Well, not anymore! Guests can send their RSVPs through your wedsite and you'll receive a notification via email. You can easily access the list from any device which makes it very useful.


Easy access to your wedding information

Guests tend to forget the details of your wedding and they would always misplace the wedding invitation card that you gave them a month ago. Wouldn't it be really convenient if they could just Google your name and your wedsite shows up with all the information that they need? They could also go to your wedsite anywhere at anytime to retrieve the information.


Never get lost

Searching for a place that you've never been before can sometimes be painful. Help your guests to find your wedding venue easier by having Maps navigation on your wedsite. We bet your guests would really appreciate that.


Guests' shared photo album

You don't capture pictures. Instead, you capture memories. And memories are meant to be cherished forever. Allow guests to share with you their lovely photos at your wedding by having a shared photo album. They can easily upload the photos to the shared album and can also view photos from other people as well.



Make it easier for friends and family to send their wedding wishes to you on your big day whether they are present or not. E-guestbooks never go away! They remain forever. And that is how it should be. The best part is, you can easily access them anywhere at anytime.